Traffic School Certificate

NevadaTraffic School Certificate

Upon successful completion of our traffic safety course, we will process and send out your Nevada traffic school certificate of completion. The destination of your certificate depends on your purpose for taking the course:

DMV Point Credit

If you are taking the course for a DMV point credit we will send your traffic school certificate directly to the DMV on your behalf. We will also mail you a copy for your records.

Court Plea-Bargain

If you are completing the program as part of a court plea-bargain agreement, your traffic school certificate will need to be submitted to the court. Depending on the court that you are dealing with, we will either send your certificate directly to the court, or, directly to you. If it is sent to you, you will be responsible for getting it to the court.


If you are taking the course for voluntary purposes we will send your traffic school certificate directly to you. Many people select this option if they want to improve their safe driving skills or want to receive an auto insurance discount. You will be responsible for submitting your certificate to your insurance agent or any other party that requires proof of your completion.

Certificates are sent via First Class USPS mail and should arrive within 5–10 business days. If you need your certificate quickly, you can select one of our many Rush options.