How It Works

Completing our online traffic safety course is as Easy as 1-2-3! There are only a few easy steps, and once you have finished them all, you are done! Meet your court requirement or get a point reduction in no time by finishing the simple process as Quickly as you would like to!

Step One:

Enroll in our traffic school course in just a few minutes. Simply provide basic information about you and your purpose for taking the course and you'll be able to begin immediately.

Step Two:

Complete the program by working your way through our course text, images, videos and quizzes. Once you finish the final exam, you are done with the course!

Step Three:

Depending on your reason for taking the course, we will either send your Certificate of completion to the court, DMV, or directly to you. Once your certificate is in the correct hands, your job is done!

It's easier than most people think to complete an online traffic safety course in Nevada. Our program makes it convenient and Affordable for everyone. Get started now and you'll be done before long!