Easy Traffic School Online

Easy Traffic School Online
Learning traffic safety lessons with our Nevada traffic school online is quite simple. We have done everything in our power to ensure that we offer an easy traffic school option to our students. Why make something harder than it has to be? By creating a user-friendly, hassle-free program, we have made sure that computer experts and novices alike will be able to navigate and complete the course without difficulty. Since you have the freedom to work on our Nevada traffic school online whenever it is convenient for you, drivers with even the busiest of schedules are able to complete our program in a timely manner. Just some of the convenient features of our easy traffic school course include:

  • You can log on and off whenever your schedule allows.
  • Work at your own Pace and whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • You can even work on the course while away from home.
  • The reading material is enhanced with images and animations.
  • All quizzes are open-book with multiple-choice questions.
  • You have unlimited chances to pass each section; even the final exam.
  • We can help you finish in time for a Last Minute due date.
  • We are here, 24 hours a day, to Help you if you need assistance.

Completing our Nevada traffic school online only requires a few quick and easy Steps. Once you have successfully graduated from our course, we will send your Certificate of completion to the appropriate party. Our program is exactly what anyone with a busy schedule needs. Work from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, on your own time; what more could you ask for? Start our easy traffic school course today to see how simple it can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the course cost?

    Our course price is $34.95 and includes everything you need to complete our online traffic safety course. We also offer traffic school coupons that can help you save on our course price.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with our course, you may cancel and receive a full refund as long as you have not completed the entire program and a completion certificate has not been issued.

  • How many points can I remove by taking this course?

    If you have at least three points on your Nevada driving record, you can take our course for a DMV point reduction. Completion of the program will remove three points from your driving record as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

    The course meets the DMV and court requirement of five credit hours. You can complete the course in one sitting or split it up and work at your own pace.

  • Do I have to do this all at one time?

    Absolutely not! One of the biggest advantages of taking the course online is the freedom to study at your own pace! Log on and off as you please and your progress will be automatically saved. Of course, if you're in a hurry, you may want to get it done in just a couple sessions.

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