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Welcome to Our Online Nevada Traffic School!

If you are looking for the perfect Nevada online traffic school, you can stop your search. You found us! We have been helping drivers just like you keep their driving records clean since 1996 and we would love the opportunity to help you next. Whether you are looking to secure a point reduction, fulfill a court plea-bargain agreement, or get an auto insurance reduction taking our Nevada traffic school course online is the ideal solution. We are DMV Approved and meet all state and court requirements for a Nevada traffic safety school. Explore our site to learn how you can complete traffic school the Easy Way with our cutting-edge, online course!

Complete Nevada Traffic School Online

You'll never have to drag yourself to another boring classroom course again. Our online Nevada traffic school program covers all of the same information in a Quick and Easy format that allows you to work at your own Pace. Learn safe driving lessons from the comfort of your own home and on your own time. You will have the flexibility to log on and off whenever you'd like and work for as long as you choose to. Our program fits into even the busiest of schedules and can even be accessed while you are away from home on most mobile devices!

Easy, Open Book Nevada Driving School

More than just convenient, our program is user-friendly enough for all users; even computer beginners can complete it without hassle. Our innovative course is impossible to fail. The reading material is organized into chapters that are enhanced with relevant images and interactive animations to make absorbing the information fun and painless. Feel free to use notes or resources of any kind while you take the short, multiple-choice quizzes and final exam. If you fail any section, don't worry! You'll have unlimited chances to pass each section of our program with no additional fees. You won't find an easier online Nevada traffic school than ours!

Why Choose Our Nevada Online Traffic School?

While we may not be the only option for an online Nevada traffic school course, we are definitely the best choice. In our years of Experience, we have learned exactly what our students are looking for in an online educational program. We are constantly working on and fine-tuning our courses to ensure that you receive the highest quality materials at the best value. Just some of the reasons that you should choose us as your Nevada driving school provider include:

  • Completely Online Program
  • Over 4 Million Graduates
  • Open-Book, Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  • FREE Certificate of Completion
  • Live, 24/7 Customer Support

We are the Nevada online traffic school experts and are proud to offer a program that makes the process as simple as can be for our students. You can Enroll in our course with the confidence of knowing you have chosen the easiest, most convenient Nevada traffic school in the State!

Nevada Traffic Tickets and Points

Receiving Nevada traffic tickets are no fun! They are expensive and getting pulled over can be quite nerve-wracking. Aside from the inconvenience involved with receiving one, the effects of Nevada traffic tickets can be worse than most drivers realize. Every citation you receive has a certain number of points attached to it. When you decide to simply pay it off, these points are transferred to your driving record. The accumulation of too many driving record points can result in the loss of your driving privileges. Luckily, if you are Eligible, our online Nevada driving school course can help in more ways than one:

  1. Dismiss your Nevada traffic ticket by asking your traffic court for a plea-bargain agreement. If granted, completion of our program will result in the dismissal of your citation and no points will be added to your driving record.
  2. Remove three points from your driving record. If the points from your Nevada traffic ticket have already been applied to your driving record, you can remove three points by taking our course. The DMV will inform you when you have three or more points on your driving record and encourage you to complete a Nevada traffic safety school program.
  3. Get an auto insurance discount. Points on your driving record can cause an increase in your auto insurance rates. Combat this by seeing if your insurance provider is one of the many that offer rate reductions for policy holders who have recently completed a Nevada traffic school course.
  4. Avoid future Nevada traffic tickets by learning safe driving methods. Our course curriculum will give you all of the skills necessary to drive in a safer manner and avoid receiving citations in the future.

Getting Started With Nevada Traffic School Now!

If you are ready to begin our online Nevada traffic safety school program, you are making a great choice! The registration process is short and simple. You can Enroll Online or Contact one of our friendly traffic school experts who will be happy to create your account over the phone. In just a few minutes you will be ready to begin our easy and convenient online Nevada traffic school course!